High School Sports Scholarships Go To Elite Athletes

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What is the definition of an Elite Athlete

Well opinions may vary on this topic, but the truth is being an elite athlete starts with a mindset. if you want to get a high school sports scholarship….or more likely a college sports scholarship…you need to adjust your mindset to become an elite athlete.

When we hear the term “Elite Athlete” most people think of the kids who is alway in the newspaper, website or who is considered a blue chip recruit. the truth is that there a heck of a lot more athletic scholarships then there are blue chip recruits iin any and every sport. You can be an elite athlete and not a blue chip recruit. More importantly, you can get a very nice athletic scholarship if you adopt these elite athlete thoughts.

The reality is there are many elite athletes who never make it to the news at all yet play sports at the highest collegiate level. They are elite because they know how to look at their game, their competition and the landscape in general. These are the student-athletes who get the sports scholarships… and I mean both high school sports scholarships and college sports scholarships. This definition of elite athlete…you know… the ones with the right outlook and mindset, make up the large majority of NCAA athletic scholarship recipients.


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Let’s take a look at Division I college football as an example. There are 120 FBS program and 111 FCS programs and they each have approximately 85 players on their rosters. That means there are roughly 19,635 Division I college football players. ESPN lists the top 300 football recruits in the country and no doubt the big schools all fight to get those guys. Let’s say there are 500 blue chip recruits in the entire country. That still leaves 19,135 spots for other student-athletes to play football at the next level. Obviously all of them are not the stars of their team and certainly were not in the newspaper each week, but what they do have in common in that they are elite athletes or they would not be playing Division I college football. They have to be elite because they are playing at the top of the college football game, even though they never made it to the news. They are elite because I guarantee they approcach their game and anything they do with these principles in mind.


What does it take to get a high school sports scholarship or a college sports scholarship?

Check out these 10 key differences between elite and regular athletes which just might hold the key to the answer.

1. Elite Athletes create playing time for themselves through hard work.Regular Athletes (and oftentimes their parents) believe the coach owes them playing time.

2. Elite Athletes play every possession/play like it is their last. Regular Athletes play not to lose.

3. Elite Athletes focus on the multitude of opportunities that every game presents. Regular Athletes focus on obstacles.

4. Elite Athletes admire other successful athletes. Regular Athletes resent successful athletes.

5. Elite Athletes take criticism and work with it to make them better. Regular Athletes get upset and resent criticism.

6. Elite Athletes are focused on always being a complete player. Regular Athletes focus on one isolated aspect of their game.

7. Elite Athletes are always confident, regardless of the situation. Regular Athletes lack confidence and frequently fold up in the clutch.

8. Elite Athletes demand perfection from themselves and others. Regular Athletes accept mediocrity from themselves and others.

9. Elite Athletes forge ahead in spite of fear. Regular Athletes get scared and let fear effect their performance.

10. Elite Athletes are constantly learning and growing. Regular Athletes already know everything.


How do you rate on those principles? It is never too late to make a change and if you want to play at the next level you absolutely need to.  It is never too late for you to get bigger, faster, stronger, smarter and more dedicated. Which type of athlete would you rather be? The choice is yours.

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Those are just my thoughts on what it takes to play any sport at the next level. What do you think? Please tell me in the comments below.

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