Athletic Recruiting Rules For Parents


What Role Do Parents Play In the Athletic  Recruiting Process?

When it comes to the athletic recruiting process, there are a couple of rules that all parents should know and follow.  I am going to share three of them with you today and these are by far the most important to follow but are not the only ones.  I guess these are the rules for parents who are just starting out in the process, so for all of you newbies…here goes.

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Athletic Recruiting Parent Rule #1

Your child is YOUR responsibility, NOT the coaches or counsellors.   This is exactly what it sounds like….you are the one that is responsible for your student-athlete’s future.   I  am a parent too, and it is easy to just pull the parachute and assume that everything is being taken care of at school.   That is a BIG mistake.  Do not fall victim to that false sense of security.  You need to be engaged and actively involved in the process every step of the way.

The coach is not responsible for getting your child an athletic scholarship for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is that he or she may not even be qualified to do so.  Just because your high school coach has the title of “head coach,” does not mean that they have an knowledge or experience when it comes to the athletic recruiting process.   They are there to coach the team in general. win games and provide soil development of your student-athlete.   The truth is that in this day and age of budget cut, many high school coaches may not have even played their sport at the collegiate level.  Another thing to remember is that you coach most likely has another job within the school so they just don’t have the time to dedicate to getting your child a college sports scholarship.

Athletic Recruiting Parent Rule #2

Let your coaches coach and let your kids play because they want to!   This one is pretty self explanatory, but it is amazing how many parents break this rule.  How would you feel if the coach came to your place of work and started telling you how to do your job?  You would be pretty upset, so be sure to give the coach the respect that they deserve.  They are out there working hard and doing the best they can, so if you think you can do better than maybe you should apply for the gig next year.

The second part of this rule is to be sure that your kids are playing because THEY want to.   Just because you didn’t make all-county, all-state or play in college does not mean your kid has to play this sport.  I can’t tell you how many kids are playing sports because they get pressure for their parents to do so.   The numbers are staggering and that type of pressure usually causes a lot of tension in the student-athlete’s life.  Make sure you ask your son or daughter of they are playing the sport because they want to or if they feel that you are pressuring them to play.   the answer just might surprise you!


Athletic Recruiting Parent Rule #3

Your coach is there to ASSIST you in finding a scholarship, NOT find you a scholarship.  There is a big, big difference between assisting your student-athlete in finding a scholarship and finding your student-athlete a scholarship.   You need to be engaged and involved in the process from the very beginning.  it is not the coach’s job to get your son or daughter a scholarship.  hat takes hard work and persistence, and most coaches do not have the time or requisite skills to do that for any athlete.   You need to know how the game is played and then you coach your son or daughter on the college sports scholarship process.   If there dis any doubt or confusion, always refer back to Rule 1.  Your child’s future is YOUR responsibility.

Now just for safety sake let me remind you that while you need to be involved, you should dnot be running the process.   College coaches are recruiting your son or daughter and not you, so be sure not to be a “parent-agent.”  Coaches want to be sure that they are recruiting men and women who can handle the responsibilities and pressure of playing sports at the collegiate level.   there is no faster way for your son or daughter to get crossed off a college coach’s list of prospects than for you to be an overbearing parent.   You need to let your student-athlete do the talking and you are just there to guide them in the process and keep them on track.

If you are just starting out, or are already deep into the recruiting process, I can assure you that by following these simple rules you will make the process much smoother and will dramatically increase your odds of getting that coveted college sports scholarship.

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